Parking Tickets
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Parking Tickets

The city has 5 part-time safety officers that assist the Somerset Police Department in issuing parking citations.

The citations may be paid in the Office of the City Clerk at 400 E. MT. Vernon St. or mailed in the original citation envelope. Checks need to be make payable to "City of Somerset".

Failure to comply with the citations within seven (7) days will result in the fine being doubled. Failure to pay within 30 days will result in a citation to Pulaski District Court. If convicted in District Court there will be an additional court cost of up to $100.00 or more.

*The registered owner of a vehicle at the time of the violation shall be liable for all fines.


Parking Fines


fee's subject to change without notice
Parking over designated time $5.00
Parking on painted curb $5.00
Loading zone $5.00
Double Parking $5.00
Blocking Driveway $5.00
Parking wrong side of street $5.00
Parking in fire lane $10.00
Parking on sidewalk $10.00
Parking at fire plug $10.00
Parking in Handicapped Space $25.00


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