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City and School Taxes

You can now access your tax information online:

  • print a tax bill
  • print a receipt
  • pay your taxes online

2014 Delinquent City Taxes

City and School property taxes are collected in the City Clerks Office.


Tangible taxes are also collected.

    • All tax bills are mailed to property tax owners. All banks, mortgage companies, etc, need to get copies from property owners.
    • Tax notices are mailed out around the first of October. All taxes collected are due and payable by December 31st of that tax year.


Taxes paid by:

November 1st receive a one percent (1%) discount.

December 31 the base amount is due.

After January 1st a twenty percent (20%) penalty is added.

After February 1st an additional one percent (1%) penalty is added.

After March 1st an additional one and one-half (1 1/2%) penalty is added.

After April 1st an additional two percent (2%) penalty is added. After May 1st an additional two and one-half (2 1/2%) penalty is added.  

Second notices are mailed in May. If taxes have not been paid by the first of June, the name of the property owners are published in the local news paper for 3 weeks. If taxes have still not been paid by July, liens are filed against the properties. Any questions please call the City Tax Office at 606-679-6366


* While we make every effort to send out tax notices, it is each property owners responsibility to pay their taxes.Our tax  notices are simply a courtesy notice. Each year taxes are due by December 31st. 

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