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2013 Resolutions


2013 Resolutions

" Resolutions are important orders/decisions of the government."


13-01 City/County EMS agreement

13-02 requesting additional alcohol packaged licenses

13-03 expressing our thanks and gratitude to Mr. David Morris for adding additional security measures to the   schools within Somerset and Pulaski County

13-04 supporting reforms to the County Employees Retirement System (CERS)

13-05 Draft agreement for Occupational Tax for EMS

13-06 Canceling agreement with Pulaski County regarding EMS

13-07 Inter local Coop Agreement with UNITE

13-08 rejecting any Unified Government proposal

13-09 small farm winery

13-10 sale of property S. Richardson Drive. 

13-11 EDA Grant Easement Condemnation 

13-12 USDA Inducement Resolution USDA Energy Center

13-13 EMS equipment through Homeland Security

13-14 Police Canopy & pitch propellers

13-15 Open door policy between Employees and Elected and Non-Elected Officials, including the Mayor

13-16 Declaring property at 422 Monticello Street (Economy Inn) as property desirable for purchase in lieu of condemnatory action

13-17 Authorizing the Mayor to negotiate and enter into a "water, sewer, and natural gas agreement" between the City of Ferguson and the City of Somerset

13-18 Approving the purchase of property located at 300 College Street

13-19 Enter into an agreement with the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security in regards to a grant for body armor

13-20 Lease agreement with Mr. Haney for the purpose of Mr. Haney developing and creating a Recreational Vehicle Park near the Somersplash Waterpark

13-21  Reapproval for the City of Somerset Energy Center Loan

13-22 Environmental Mitigation Measure






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