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City of Somerset

400 E. Mt. Vernon St. 42501

P O Box 989 42502

Somerset, KY

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Somerset City Council


The City Council is the City's legislative body. Twelve Council Members are elected from each district by all voters of the City.

The twelve members of Council adopt the annual budget, ordinances, resolutions, policies and regulations for the health, safety, and welfare of the current and future citizens of the City of Somerset.

The City Council represent..... Integrity, Social Justice, Democracy, Diversity, Empowerment, Ethical Integrity, and Citizen Representation.

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Mayor Eddie Girdler

City Clerk Nick Bradley



WARD 1  David Burdine    


Linda Stringer

WARD 2   Linda Stringer


jerry wheeldon  

WARD 3  Jerry Wheeldon


jim eastham

WARD 4   Jimmy Eastham  


jerry girdler      

WARD 5   Jerry Girdler             


mike new

WARD 6   Mike New


donna hunley 

WARD 7  Donna Hunley  



WARD 8  John Minton


jim mitchell   

WARD 9  Jim Mitchell  


pat bourne

WARD 10  Pat Bourne



WARD 11  Jerry Burnett       



WARD 12   Tom Eastham



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