Airport Firefighting (ARFF)
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Airport Rescue

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Airport Rescue Firefighting


All rescue and firefighting personnel are to be properly trained to perform their duties as an Airport Firefighter as specified by the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA).

An Airport Firefighter must be trained prior to initial performance of rescue and firefighting duties and receive recurrent instruction every 12 consecutive calendar months.

 An Airport Firefighter must be able to obtain and continue training in the following areas: 


•Airport familiarization, including airport signs, marking, and lighting


•Aircraft familiarization


•Rescue and firefighting personnel safety


•Emergency communications systems on the airport, including fire alarms


•Use of the fire hoses, nozzles, turrets, and other appliances required for compliance with the FAA


•Application of the types of extinguishing agents required for compliance with this part


•Emergency aircraft evacuation assistance


•Firefighting operations. Adapting and using structural rescue and firefighting equipment for aircraft rescue and firefighting.


•Aircraft cargo hazards, including hazardous materials/dangerous goods incidents.


•Familiarization with firefighters' duties under the airport emergency plan.



* In addition to all the above training, all rescue and firefighting personnel must participate in at least one live-fire drill prior to initial performance of rescue and firefighting duties and every 12 consecutive calendar months


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