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Somerset Police Department

400 E. Mt. Vernon Street 42501

P O Box 1017 42502

Somerset, KY

Phone 606-678-5178

Fax 606-678-9239


The Patrol Division is comprised of 30 officers. Patrol officers work 10-hour shifts, 4 days a week. They rotate shifts once every 4 months. Officers work 3 patrol shifts. The Patrol Division is headed by lieutenants and sergeants.

The patrol division is the backbone of our police department. Patrol has many responsibilities, which include traffic enforcement; traffic accident investigation; preliminary case investigations, many of which they follow from the beginning to the end; along with many community oriented programs.

Our patrol division is equipped with some of the latest equipment. Each vehicle is equipped with a shotgun, first-aid kits, preliminary investigation kits, and all other essential law enforcement equipment. Every officer is assigned their own cruiser. The officers are responsible for the cleanliness and keeping their cruisers mechanically safe. This program has alleviated the old problem of officers blaming each other for damage and bad housekeeping. It has also held down on the cost of mechanical repairs. Because each officer has his/her own cruiser, they take better care of their cars and have a lot more pride in them. All officers residing within Pulaski County are issued a home fleet cruiser.

SPD is part of a technology grant that has placed mobile data terminals (MDT) in each cruiser on patrol. MDTs allow officers to query driver’s license and vehicle registration information, as well as check for wanted persons and stolen property on an on-board computer in their patrol cars. The laptops are also equipped with KYOPS software which allows the officers to complete collision and crime reports in the car as well issue electronic citations which are printed out in the car. This permits increased officer safety and faster transfer of information.

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