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- K-9 -

The Somerset Police Department has two K9 Police Dogs. Aras, a German shepherd from Europe and Nixon, a Labrador Retriever from Arkansas

Officer Eric Moore completed a six-week training course at Southern Ohio Police K9, under the instruction of Dave Johnson. Johnson is a U.S. Army veteran, who serves a canine supervisor for the Brown County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department. Johnson has trained police dogs for police departments throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky. He trained one dog for the Kentucky State Police and three of their handlers to be K9 instructors.

Officer Moore and Aras have been trained in several areas, including: narcotics detection, building search, tracking, article search, criminal apprehension and handler protection.

Officer Moore and Aras obtained two certifications: one from Johnson’s company, the other from the State of Ohio. Currently, Kentucky law does not mandate police dog certifications, but recognizes others states’ certification standards.

eric and aras              eric and aris

Officer Derek Flynn and Nixon completed his training for the North American Police Work Dog Association, under the instruction of John Swiderski (our very own Evidence Technician).

Officer Flynn and Nixon have been extensively trained in narcotics. The have achieved certification under the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association, Inc. and the North American Police Work Dog Association.


Aras says "Spend time with friends, not drugs."

Nixon says "Drugs are for thugs, so be smart and don't start"

The K9 unit is overseen by the patrol supervisors.

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