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Parks & Recreation

Rocky Hollow

142 S. Central Ave

Somerset, KY 42501

Phone 606-679-1860

Fax 606-451-8059



This is the nerve center for the parks system. The main park office was once at SomerSport Park, but since the opening of the Rocky Hollow Recreation Center the main office moved here. Not only is the main park office at Rocky Hollow, but the Parks Director Joe Ford, Assistant Director David Dorsey, Programs Specialist Jason Weatherford, and the Programs Director Chris Perdue offices are found here. You can reach any of these people by call the office at (606) 679-1860 or faxing us at (606) 451-8059. Any information you can not find on the website or game cancellations due to inclement weather. Here at the office you can do the following:

  • All youth sports programs sign-ups
  • The payment of all rental properties
  • Game status information
  • Find out information about the park system

rocky hollow office

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