1. Existing contours at 1 foot intervals.
2. Finish contours at 1 foot intervals.
3. Show Drainage Plan –

A. Calculate pre-development runoff using grass cover and 25 year 24 hour storm event .
B. Calculate post-development runoff using 25 year 24 hour storm event.
C. Runoff in CFS post-development shall not exceed runoff in CFS pre-development [use piping and/or detention basin to control CFS]
D. Check drainage design using 100 year 24 hour storm event.
E. Drainage plan must be prepared and signed by professional engineer.

4. Include Separate Erosion Control Plan Sheet in compliance with BMP.
5. Show parking layout and traffic flow as outlined in zoning ordinance.
6. Show landscaping as outlined in zoning ordinance.
7. Show all on-site utility connections.
8. Show all adjacent utilities.
9. City utility managers must approve utility connections prior to approval.
10. Drainage maps
11. Show building footprint.
12. Show property and easement lines.
13. Nine (18 x 24) copies of all maps and calculations must be provided at least one week prior to meeting for board members to review.
14. If site is one acre or more, an application from the Division of Water must be obtained prior to issue of a building permit.
15. As built certification for site development must be submitted to the City Engineer before any building permits are issued.