Entrance to the waterpark constitutes permission for SomerSplash to photograph/video you while on the premises, and to use pictures for a lawful purpose (advertising) without compensation.


Park hours are subject to change without notice due to weather and other conditions.
The outdoor waterpark will not open if the forecast high is below 70 degrees.
The park will close if the temperature falls below 70 degrees or in the case of inclement weather.
The park will close due to low attendance in accordance with posted information.
Hours may be subject to change in the case of pre-scheduled special events.

All special events will be posted at SomerSplash and on the website as soon as correct information is available.

* For some special events, summer passes may not be permitted entry and have to pay an entry fee. Those events will be posted on the website and at SomerSplash.

SomerSplash will not issue refunds or rain checks for inclement weather.


1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
2. Glass containers are prohibited and will be confiscated.
3. No coolers or outside food/drink allowed in the park. ALL BAGS ARE SUBJECT TO BE CHECKED WHEN ON PREMISES.
4. Thong style swim wear is not permitted.
5. Only Coast Guard APPROVED flotation devices are allowed in the park. Water wings and small inflatable are allowed only in Kiddie Play area, and when the child is accompanied by an adult.
6. No pets allowed in the park.
7. Guests wearing shorts with metal studs may not ride ANY slides.
8. PAGING IS NOT ALLOWED. Parents/Guardians may be escorted in and out of the park by a Supervisor or Staff Member.
9. Guests with open cuts, abrasions, and sores are not permitted to enter the water.
10. Children age 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult age 18 or older while in the park.
11. No running or horseplay.
12. Fins/Snorkels/Masks which cover the nose are not permitted in any pool.
13. No diving is allowed in any pool.
14. No deck furniture is permitted in any pool, or at the edge of any pool.
15. Eyeglasses require a head strap.
16. No lifeguard labeled shorts or swimsuits worn by patrons. (SomerSplash Employees Only)
17. Lifeguards have the authority to prohibit any behavior or activity that poses a risk of injury.
18. No lifeguard emblem attire may be worn by patrons inside the park.
19. Children who are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper – No Exceptions.
20. All guests are asked to take showers in the locker room prior to entering swimming areas.
21.  Cash refunds are not offered at any time.


1. Children must be 52” and under to enter the Kiddie Play area.
2. Children playing in a rough or unsafe manner, regardless of height, will be asked to leave the Kiddie Play area.
3. No walking up the slide.
4. Feet first riding, either on front or back side, ONLY allowed on the slide.
5. Lifeguards have the authority to restrict adult activities in Kiddie Play.

Lazy River- General

1. All patrons must be in a tube when in the Lazy River.

Slides- General

1. Guests must behave in safe and orderly manner.
2. No swim suits with zippers, buckles, rivets allowed on the slide.
3. Pregnant guests, and those with heart conditions or back problems should not ride the slides.
4. Physically challenged guests are advised against riding slides due to the potential risk or serious injury.
5. Life jackets are not allowed .
6. Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the large slides.



1. Feet first riding only, either sitting up or laying down.
2. Guest must exit catch pool immediately. Swimming is not allowed in the catch pool. Only lifeguards are allowed to catch/ assist riders exiting the slide.
4. No stopping, spinning, or kneeling while descending the slide.
5. Lifeguard has the authority to restrict riders when unsafe/ uncooperative behavior is exhibited.


1. Guests must enter/exit from the zero depth end of the pool only.
2. No running.
3. No holding, touching or pulling of the rope located at the deep end of the pool.
4. No standing on or kneeling on tubes.
5. Use of ladders is limited to emergency removal and staff only.
6, Only staff Lifeguards are allowed in the area between the rope and the edge of the pool.
7. Lifeguard has the authority to restrict riders/participants when unsafe/ uncooperative behavior is exhibited.