Ordinance 01-01 Amending classification plan, compensation plan, and policies and procedures. tardiness/time clocks

Ordinance 01-02 Amending the budget. Gas Department

Ordinance 01-03 Closing undeveloped alley in Highland Park Addition

Ordinance 01-04 Rezoning 5.99 acres

Ordinance 01-05 maturity date change on Glen Oak Lumber & Milling bonds (amending 96-3)

Ordinance 01-06 Rezoning 516 Monticello Street

Ordinance 01-07 Annexing 1900 S Hwy 27 Parcel A

Ordinance 01-08 Annexing 1900 S Hwy 27 Parcel B

Ordinance 01-09 Annexing 1900 S Hwy 27 Parcel C

Ordinance 01-10 Annexing 1850 Hwy 27 South (Office Depot)

Ordinance 01-11 Annexing Monticello Street (Fitzgerald property)

Ordinance 01-12 Annexing parcel of land between east side Hwy 27 and west side of Monticello Street

Ordinance 01-13 Annexing east side of Hwy 27 .5 miles south of the Oak Hill Rd

Ordinance 01-14 Annexing property near Twin Lakes Subdivision

Ordinance 01-15 Amending Ord 99-13 Establishing rates and charges for water Amended by 17-10

Ordinance 01-16  setting the council meetings date and time and providing that the mayor can cancel 1 meeting a month.  Amendment to Ordinance 6 and 97-34

Ordinance 01-17 Adopting the budget for FY 7/1/01 – 6/30/02

Ordinance 01-18 Rezoning boundary of land Oak Leaf Lane

0rdinance 01-19 Adopting Police Department Policy and Procedure manual

Ordinance 01-20 Amending budget for Gas, Water, EMS

Ordinance 01-21 Annexing 32 acres on Oak Leaf Lane

Ordinance 01-22 Rezoning east right of way line of Old Hwy 27

Ordinance 01-23 setting the tax rate

Ordinance 01-24 setting the bank franchise rate

Ordinance 01-25 enacting personnel policies of the City of Somerset

Ordinance 01-26 Amending budget for General Fund 01-27 Rezoning 311 Crab Orchard Road

Ordinance 01-27 Rezoning 311 Crab Orchard Road