Ordinance 03-01 Closing street Northern end of property owned by Lake Cumberland Funeral Home

Ordinance 03-02 Business License Ordinance

0rdinance 03-03  Amending policies and procedure manual

Ordinance 03-04 Garbage rate amendment

Ordinance 03-05 Annexation of 3360 S HWY 1247 Tecumseh

Ordinance 03-06 Agreement that Charter Communications shall provide educational access channel for COS use. Amendment to Ordinance 98-17, 98-23

Ordinance 03-07 Rezoning undeveloped land S HWY 27 and Bogle St., near HWY 27 and Oakhill Road intersection

Ordinance 03-08 Rezoning 302 Bourne Ave

Ordinance 03-09 Rezoning Hail Knob Road undeveloped land

Ordinance 03-10 Rezoning undeveloped land HWY 27 behind Landmark Inn

Ordinance 03-11 Budget for FY 2003-2004

Ordinance 03-12 Rezoning 1118 Rush Branch Road

Ordinance 03-13 Rezoning East Somerset Church Road vacant road

Ordinance 03-14 Annexing Oak Hill and Grand Central Blvd. Somerset Christian School

Ordinance 03-15  Setting the tax rate

Ordinance 03-16 Setting bank franchise rate

Ordinance 03-17 Amending the budget. General Fund

Ordinance 03-18 Sexually oriented businesses

Ordinance 03-19 Wastewater transportation system PRIDE SPECIAL SERVICE AREA NUMBER 1