Ordinance 04-01 Amending annual budget

Ordinance 04-02 Changing Stewart Drive to Lisa Drive

Ordinance 04-03 Rezoning vacant land East Somerset Church Road

Ordinance 04-04 Rezoning 400 W. Columbia Street

Ordinance 04-05 Annexing 103 Magnolia Avenue

Ordinance 04-06  Adopting Annual Budget

Ordinance 04-07 Rezoning vacant lot N. side of East Somerset Church Road

Ordinance 04-08 Telephone and Communications Franchise

Ordinance 04-09 Establishing rates and charges for use of the services and facilities of garbage collection service

Ordinance 04-10 Setting tax rate

Ordinance 04-11 Setting bank franchise rate

Ordinance 04-12 Rezoning intersection of Railroad Dr. and Monticello St

Ordinance 04-13 Amending budget general fund