Ordinances 06-01 Amending annual budget for EMS

Ordinances 06-02  Amending police department policies and provisions. Amending 01-19

Ordinances 06-03 Amending annual budget for General Fund

Ordinances 06-04 Approving a lease with Cumberland Security Bank for Water Park

Ordinances 06-05 Amending annual budget for gas department

Ordinances 06-06 Approving the budget for FY 7/1/06 – 6/30/07

Ordinances 06-07  Rezoning 118 Ham Street

Ordinances 06-08 Rezoning 441 N Hwy 27

Ordinances 06-09 Setting tax rate

Ordinances 06-10 Bank franchise rate

Ordinances 06-11  closing alley Gibson Addition

Ordinances 06-12 Amending budget General Fund-MOTION FAILED

Ordinances 06-13 Rezoning McClendon Rd east side lots 2,3,4,5

Ordinances 06-14 Rezoning vacant lot next to residential house Hail Knob Road

Ordinances 06-15 Establishing the position of City Attorney as non-elected

Ordinances 06-16 Requiring good cause and hearing before dismissal or termination of a non-elected official