Ordinance 08-01 Closing a portion of Market Street for County Judicial Building

Ordinance 08-02 Zoning R2 to B2 102 Crab Orchard Road

Ordinance 08-03 Zoning R2 to B2 527 N. Main Street

Ordinance 08-04 Zoning R2 to B2 531 N. Main Street

Ordinance 08-05 Amending the annual budget. Water, Sewer,Sanitation,Water Park

Ordinance 08-06 Annexing right-of-way/corridor HWY 27 South

Ordinance 08-07 Annexing portion of Highway 1642. Motion Failed

Ordinance 08-08 Annual budget and Pay & Classification Plan

Ordinance 08-09 Zoning R2 to B2 corner West Columbia Street and Ohio Street

Ordinance 08-10 Zoning R2 to B2 Ohio Street

Ordinance 08-11 Dog Ordinance

Ordinance 08-12 Close a portion of Bourne Avenue

Ordinance 08-13 Setting tax rate

Ordinance 08-14 Bank franchise tax

Ordinance 08-15  Enacting the personnel policies handbook

Ordinance 08-16 Enacting the City’s Identity Theft Prevention policy