Ordinance 09-01 Skateboard Ordinance

Ordinance 09-02 Amending the annual budget. EMS.

Ordinance 09-03 YMCA Bond agreement Motion Failed

Ordinance 09-04 Sewer pretreatment revision

Ordinance 09-05  Amending Personnel Policies handbook

Ordinance 09-06 Corridor annexation Slate Branch Road

Ordinance 09-07 Budget amendment General Fund

Ordinance 09-08 Budget Ordinance

Ordinance 09-09 Pay & Classification Plan

Ordinance 09-10 Electrical franchise

Ordinance 09-11 Reissuance of 10 million bond issue Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Ordinance 09-12 Slate Branch Corridor Annexation

Ordinance 09-13 Setting the tax rate

Ordinance 09-14 Setting the bank franchise rate

Ordinance 09-15 Rezoning property at 99 Ohio Street from R2 to B3

Ordinance 09-16 Annexing 169 Slate Branch Road

Ordinance 09-17 Budget Amendment Water Park

Ordinance 09-18 Rezoning property intersection of Bourne & KY Hwy 769