Ordinance 10-01 Adopting the model procurement code

Ordinance 10-02 Flood damage prevention

Ordinance 10-03 Water rates and charges. AMENDING 01-15 Amended by 17-10

Ordinance 10-04 Abandoned junked and inoperative motor vehicles, watercraft, and appliances. AMENDING 07-25

Ordinance 10-05 Adopting the annual budget

Ordinance 10-06 Adopting revised pay and classification plan. AMENDING 08-08

Ordinance 10-07 Rezoning property Chestnut Street vacant lot from R1 to B2

Ordinance 10-08 Rezoning property 223 Langdon Street from R2 to B2

Ordinance 10-09 Setting the tax rate

Ordinance 10-10 Setting the bank franchise rate

Ordinance 10-11  Approving the issuance of General Obligation Bonds

Ordinance 10-12  Annexing the Waterpark

Ordinance 10-13 Intent and Desire to Annex a Corridor of Hwy 27

Ordinance 10-14 maximum speed limit on certain streets-no second reading