Ordinance 11-01 Amending the Pay and Classification Plan. Civil Engineer

Ordinance 11-02 Altering the zoning map. Reed Addition

Ordinance 11-03 Altering the zoning map. Weddle Addition

Ordinance 11-04  Altering the zoning map. Thurman Road

Ordinance 11-05 Loan Agreement with Armstrong Hardwood Flooring re Bonds

Ordinance 11-06 Altering the zoning map. East Monticello Street. Coomer property.

Ordinance 11-07 Amending police polices and procedures. No second reading

Ordinance 11-08 Budget Ordinance

Ordinance 11-09 Setting the tax rate

Ordinance 11-10 Imposing a bank franchise and local deposit tax

Ordinance 11-11 Issuance of general obligation bonds

Ordinance 11-12 Setting the speed limit on Barnett Street during school hours

Ordinance 11-13 Water plant bonds

Ordinance 11-14 Repeal of Previous Police Manuals

Ordinance 11-15 Zone Change R-2 to B-2 Hail Knob Road.

Ordinance 11-16  Adopting the Ward Map

Ordinance 11-17 Pay and classification plan amendment. No second reading

Ordinance 11-18 Sewer use amendment

Ordinance 11-19 Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYDOT)