Ordinance 13-01 Intent and desire to annex a corridor of East Highway 80.

Ordinance 13-02  Enacting an occupational tax ordinance

Ordinance 13-03 altering the zoning map R-2 to semi public zone (First Baptist Church for parking)

Ordinance 13-04 Annexation 5215 S. Hwy 27 (Buyers Paradise) no second reading

Ordinance 13-05 Amending the pay and classification plan to add the position of Chief Financial Officer

Ordinance 13-06 Establishing and Creating a City Travel and Tourist Commission

Ordinance 13-07 FY 2013 budget amendment

Ordinance 13-08 2014 Budget FY 7/2013 – 6/2014

Ordinance 13-09 Easement Annexation (utility lines easement. gas mains) Old Barnesburg Road

Ordinance 13-10 Annexation 225 Barnesburg Road (Linda Stringers mom’s property)

Ordinance 13-11 Zone Change R-2 to Semi Public 208 N. Vine Street (First Baptist Church)

Ordinance 13-12 Pay and Classification Plan

Ordinance 13-13  Annexation 2040 S. Hwy 27 (APS Properties LLC-Waffle King Building

Ordinance 13-14 Annexation 2070 S. Hwy 27 (Building I-CC’s Furniture)

Ordinance 13-15 Annexation 2070 S. Hwy 27 (Building II-Behind CC’s Furniture)

Ordinance 13-16 Setting 2013 property tax rate

Ordinance 13-17 Setting 2013 Bank Franchise tax rate

Ordinance 13-18 Allowing temporary new and used vehicle off site sales

Ordinance 13-19 Amending the ABC Revised Statutes. Amending Ordinance 12-09

Ordinance 13-20 Dedicating Bea’s Drive

Ordinance 13-21 closing Food Fair Parking lot S. College Street….no second reading

Ordinance 13-22 Annexation 588 Hwy 39