Ordinance 08-11 – Dogs & Other Animals  DOGS & OTHER ANIMALS. No person shall own, keep or harbor any animal that unreasonably annoys humans, endangers the life or health of persons or other animals, or substantially interferes with the rights of citizens, other than their owner’s, to enjoyment of life or property.

Ordinance 10-04 – Abandoned & Wrecked Vehicles  JUNKED MOTOR VEHICLES shall mean any contrivance, or parts thereof, both licensed and unlicensed, which are propelled by power and used for transportation of persons or property on public streets, highways or waterways, the condition of which is one (1) or more of the following: (1) Wrecked; (2) Dismantled; (3) Partially dismantled; (4) Inoperative; (5) Abandoned; (6) Discarded.

Ordinance 14-06.01 – Nuisances (Junk/Scrap Metal)  JUNK; SCRAP METAL. The storage of junk motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts, including tires, storage tanks, dumpsters, refuse/trash containers not being served by the City’s Garbage/Sanitation Department, junk machinery, machinery parts, abandoned, discarded or unused appliances, objects or equipment, or scrap metal (whether recyclable or unrecyclable) within the City limits, except on premises authorized by the City for such purposes.

Ordinance 14-06.02 – Nuisances (Accumlation of Construction, Demolition or Landscaping Debris)  ACCUMULATION OF CONSTRUCTION, DEMOLITION OR LANDSCAPING DEBRIS. All exterior property and premises shall be free from any accumulation of combustible and noncombustible waste materials, including any material resulting from maintenance, demolition, repair, alteration or construction of buildings, structures or grounds, or landscaping or natural damage of grounds, including but not limited to, fallen trees, tree branches, brush and yard trimmings.

Ordinance 14-06.03 – Nuisances (Exterior Use or Storage of Indoor Furniture)  EXTERIOR USE OR STORAGE OF INDOOR FURNITURE. The use or storage of furniture which is upholstered or not designed for outdoor use in an uncovered or exposed area in which it is likely to decay, decompose or retain moisture causing a health hazard or diminution in the value of neighboring properties.  Edit

Ordinance 14-06.04 – Nuisances (Compost Piles)  COMPOST PILES. Any compost pile which is of such a nature as to spread or harbor disease, emit unreasonable, unpleasant odors or harmful gas, or attract rodents, vermin or other disease-carrying pests, animals or insects, provided that the presence of earthworms in a compost pile shall not constitute a nuisance.

Ordinance 14-06.05 – Nuisances (Nauseous Substances or Odors)  NAUSEOUS SUBSTANCES OR ODORS. The permitting of any offal, manure, rubbish or filth, decaying animal or vegetable matter, excessive animal excrement or any foul or nauseous substance, or nauseous or offensive odor to be emitted or to be discharged out of or flow from the premises.

Ordinance 14-06.06 – Nuisances (Dangerous Trees or Stacks Adjoining Streets)  DANGEROUS TREES OR STACKS ADJOINING STREETS. The permitting of any tree, shrubbery, hedge or other object adjoining public rights-of-way to grow or stand in such a condition that it interferes with the use, construction or maintenance of streets or sidewalks, that could cause injury to streets or sidewalks, or that causes an obstruction to drainage or poses a danger to life, limb or property of persons using the sidewalks or rights-of-way. No such person shall allow any dead tree adjoining public sidewalks or rights-of-way to stand more than three (3) feet in height.

Ordinance 14-06.07 – Nuisances (Obstructions of Storm Water and Drainage Facilities)  OBSTRUCTIONS OF STORM WATER AND DRAINAGE FACILITIES. The permitting of any limbs, leaves, grass clippings or other objects to be placed in a manner that interferes with the use or maintenance of any storm water and drainage facilities.  Edit

Ordinance 14-06.08 – Nuisances (Visual Obstructions of Streets)  VISUAL OBSTRUCTIONS OF STREETS. The permitting of any hedge, shrubbery, fence or other visual obstruction on any corner lot to attain a height which prohibits proper sight distance.

Ordinance 14-06.09 – Nuisances (Dilapidated Structures)  DILAPIDATED STRUCTURES. All buildings, walls and other structures which have been damaged by fire, decay or otherwise and which are in a state of dilapidation, deterioration or decay so as not to provide shelter, sufficient sewer, plumbing, electrical or heating facilities or which are unsound or in danger of collapse or failure and which are a danger to the safety of the public or which are vacant or abandoned and open or accessible to vagrants or passersby or which are otherwise built, erected or maintained in violation of any Ordinance.

Ordinance 14-06.10 – Nuisances (Obstructions over Streets)  OBSTRUCTIONS OVER STREETS. All hanging signs, awnings, canopies, wires or other similar structures over the streets or sidewalks so situated or constructed as to endanger public safety or to be contrary to the City’s applicable Ordinances, unless approved in writing by the City of Somerset.

Ordinance 14-06.11 – Nuisances (Stagnant Water)  STAGNANT WATER. All stagnant water in which mosquitoes, flies or other insects can multiply.

Ordinance 14-06.12 – Nuisances (Accumulation of Refuse/Trash Containers)  ACCUMULATION OF REFUSE/TRASH CONTAINERS. The storing or permitting the accumulation of refuse, unless such refuse is kept separately in standard refuse/trash containers or dumpsters which can be covered by solid, tight fitting lids and which have no uncovered holes, and the storing or permitting the accumulation of refuse and trash for which removal of refuse and trash is not provided.

Ordinance 14-06.13 – Nuisances (Scattering Garbage, etc.)  SCATTERING GARBAGE, ETC. The throwing, placing, or scattering of any garbage, rubbish, trash or other refuse over or upon any premises, street or alley, either public or private, or adjacent thereto, and either with or without the intent to later remove or burn.

Ordinance 14-06.14 – Nuisances (Attractive Nuisances)  ATTRACTIVE NUISANCES. The allowing of any physical condition, use or occupancy of any property or premises to be an attractive nuisance to children, including, but not limited to, abandoned wells, shafts, standing pools of water, basements, excavations, retaining walls, unsafe fences and refrigerators, freezers, ice chests, ice boxes or similar airtight box or container which has a locking device inoperable from within, without first unhinging and removing the door or lid and detaching the locking device from the door or lid.

Ordinance 14-06.15 – Nuisances (Graffiti)  GRAFFITI. The allowing of any graffiti which is defined as any inscription, drawing or design that is scratched, painted, sprayed or placed on any surface of any structure that has no redeeming artistic, moral or social value.

Ordinance 14-06.16 – Nuisances (Hoarding of Pet Animals)  HOARDING OF PET ANIMALS. The keeping of more pet animals than can be properly maintained in a healthy condition without presenting a health or safety hazard to the owners or others and without constituting a nuisance to the occupants or neighboring properties, characterized by failure to provide proper food, water, shelter, veterinary care and sanitation to the animals and resulting in squalid living conditions for the animals and the keeper and by complaints from neighbors including, but not limited to, mistreated or neglected animals, stench from the property and rodent and insect infestations.

Ordinance 14-06.17 – Nuisances (Hoarding of Materials)  HOARDING OF MATERIALS. The accumulation of combustible materials, trash, food, newspapers, magazines, old clothes and other items that create a serious fire and health hazard that can cause disease, contribute to vermin and/or insect infestations, affect the occupants of the building, neighbors, public safety personnel and the general public, or violate any other City safety code.

Ordinance 14-06.18 – Nuisances (Unkempt Growth of Ground Cover)  UNKEMPT GROWTH OF GROUND COVER. Weeds and/or grass cover which is excess of twelve (12) inches in height is considered a Nuisance under this Ordinance, with exception to parcels being used for agricultural purposes.

Ordinance 95-31 – Nuisances (Noise and Barking Dogs)  It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to make, continue, or cause unnecessary or unusual noise which either annoys, injures, or endangers the comfort, repose, health, or safety of other unless the making and continuing of the noise is necessary for the protection or preservation of property of the health, safety, life, or limb of the person.