Ordinance 16-13 zone change of 133 N. Maple St from R2 to R3 (061-7-1-43)

Ordinance 17-01 creating a code enforcement board and procedures

Ordinance 17-02 amending the pay and classification plan Ordinance 15-11

Ordinance 17-03 budget amendment

Ordinance 17-04 zone change from R2 to R3 106 Park Avenue (061-4-3-51)

Ordinance 17-05 dedication of public entryway into Stonegate

Ordinance 17-06 no Ordinance on file- left out of numbering sequence in error

Ordinance 17-07 no Ordinance on file- left out of numbering sequence in error

Ordinance 17-08 annexing 2520 S. Hwy 27 (062-1-0-65.1)

Ordinance 17-09 amending tapping and connection fees for sanitary sewer system. Amending Ordinances 00-04, 00-07, and 00-13

Ordinance 17-10 amending tap on fees and connect fees for the city water department. Amending Ordinance 01-15 and Ordinance 10-3

Ordinance 17-11 adopting the budget for FY 7-1-17 to 6-30-18

Ordinance 17-12 budget amendment (revised)

Ordinance 17-13 zone change from R2 to R3 221 Langdon Street (061-4-2-04)

Ordinance 17-14 fingerprinting services

Ordinance 17-15 annexing two corridors Hwy 27

Ordinance 17-16 zone change from R1 to B2 327 Langdon Street (061-1-4-43)

Ordinance 17-17 zone change from R1 to B2 on Crab Orchard (060-9-1-33)

Ordinance 17-18 zone change from B2 to R3 on Ham St (061-1-3-47.2)

Ordinance 17-19 setting the tax rate

Ordinance 17-20 setting bank franchise, tax penalties

Ordinance 17-21 dedication of streets in the Stonebrook Residential Development. Golden Leaf

Ordinance 17-22 zone change from R1 to B2. 103 Chestnut St (060-9-2-36)

Ordinance 17-23 adoption of an interlocal agreement with Pulaski County to create Somerset Pulaski Economic Development Authority

Ordinance 17-24 intent to annex a portion of Highway 27