Street and Sanitation Department

600 Clifty Street

Somerset, KY 42501

Phone 606 679-1107

Fax 606 679-0153

Street Department

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coneThe Street Department provides public service in the following areas:


  • Street Maintenance (including pot holes) 
  • Street Signs 
  • Storm Water Drainage 
  • Grass and Weed Control FOR PUBLIC AREAS ONLY
  • Snow and Ice Removal FROM STREETS ONLY (sidewalks, parking lots, and private drives are cleared by property owners)

leafFall is here and with fall, comes the falling of leaves. As before, our city picks up leaves for our residents as they report them to our Street Department. For safety, we ask our citizens to follow a few simple rules as they gather the leaves on their property.

  • Do not obstruct drains, catch basins, sidewalks or place the leaves in the street
  • Leaves must be free of limbs, rocks or other household trash.
  • Do not not rake leaves into the street, gutter line, around parked cars or around fire hydrants.


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David Hargis
                                                                      Jeanette Phelps

Street Department Superintendent                              Secretary


City of Somerset

Street and Sanitation Department

100 McFall Park Dr.

Somerset, KY 42501

Tel: (606) 679-1106

Fax (606) 679-0153


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

7:30am to 4:00pm 




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