Building Inspection/Permits

Our Mission

The City of Somerset Building Inspection Department is certified by the State of Kentucky to regulate all residential and commercial building construction in Somerset. The Building Inspection Department reviews construction documents, issues permits and provides inspections on all building, mechanical and electrical systems. Its purpose is to provide uniform minimum standards and requirements for the construction, repair, alteration, and maintenance of buildings, as they relate to the conservation of energy, safety, and sanitation of buildings for their intended use and occupancy.

Safety is number one

The department plays an important role in enforcing building codes to allow safe construction of various building types and sizes. The importance of building codes, their regulation and enforcement, is often overlooked until a catastrophic fire or other construction-related tragedy draws attention to a structure. The building inspection department ensures that buildings in the City of Somerset are safe and accessible places to work, play and live by reviewing building plans, issuing building permits and inspecting buildings during various construction stages.

Joe Lyons

Building Inspector
Planning and Zoning

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