Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement protects the health, welfare and safety of our citizens by actively preventing deterioration in our communities. Maintenance of streets and neighborhoods makes Somerset the best place to raise families and work productively.

Objective of our Code Enforcement Department is to achieve code compliance in our neighborhoods by exposing property maintenance violations. Substandard structures, improper signage, traffic and parking nuisances pose a threat to sanitary conditions and quality of our neighborhoods.


Code Enforcement Complaint Form-Confidential


Code Enforcement Investigates:

Repair/Demolish Substandard Structures

Inoperable Vehicles

Debris or Eye Sore Removal

Overgrown Weeds, Shrubbery or Lawns

Interior and Exterior of Structures

Somerset’s Code Enforcement Department ensures that the living and working environment within Somerset is healthy and safe by enforcing the City’s Property Maintenance, Nuisance, and Zoning Codes, which govern the proper maintenance and zoning of residential and commercial properties.

The Code Enforcement Department conducts periodic inspections of existing residential rental properties and commercial structures in an effort to ensure proper property management, which leads to the elimination of blight and the stabilization of neighborhoods

Marc Travis
Code Enforcement Officer

606-425-5365 office
606-875-1095 cell
606-425-5370 fax